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We create solutions that address everyday challenges in gourmet kitchens. That’s what makes us unique. No more wasting time discussing timing issues or waiting for an updated reservation list. Communication through the kitchen screen optimizes the management of all courses to perfection. No more surprises about allergies or preferences. You focus on your guests and dishes. The rest is taken care of, the rest is Annoncer.

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All-in-one kitchen displays.

Great software requires excellent hardware, our all-in-one kitchen display. It’s called synergy when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our kitchen display are a perfect example of this. Our hardware platform was designed to work seamlessly in technically and ergonomically demanding environments. It’s also rugged and robust, blending in beautifully with your kitchen. Annoncer has been tested in over 400 kitchens, and no better alternatives exist.

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We offer multiple pricing options: from SaaS and CareFree to full purchase. These different options align well with modern work practices. The most important thing is that our rates are clear, transparent, and easy to manage. Whether you work in a large organization or a small team, we always have a package that suits your needs, goals, and challenges. Request a free demo today and discover why Annoncer is number one in the KDS landscape.

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