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Discover How Annoncer KDS Transforms the World's Best Gastronomy Restaurants.

With Annoncer KDS, unlock the secret behind the efficiency and excellence of the world’s top 50 restaurants, including renowned names like Quique Dacosta and Yannick Alléno. Our state-of-the-art Kitchen Display System revolutionizes kitchen operations, ensuring unparalleled precision, speed, and coordination.


Imagine your kitchen running seamlessly with real-time digital order management, enhancing communication between front and back-of-house teams, and maintaining impeccable standards with every dish. Annoncer KDS offers real-time monitoring and detailed reports, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that keep your restaurant at the pinnacle of culinary excellence.


Intrigued? Discover how Annoncer KDS can elevate your restaurant to new heights of efficiency, sustainability, and guest satisfaction.


Ready to transform your culinary operations?

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Transform Your Hotel’s Culinary Experience with Annoncer KDS.

Discover why leading hotels are choosing Annoncer KDS to revolutionize their kitchen operations. Boost your efficiency with real-time digital order management, eliminating errors and speeding up preparation times. Enhance communication to ensure flawless coordination between front and back-of-house teams with clear and instant order communication. Optimize performance with real-time monitoring and detailed reports, enabling data-driven decisions. Maintain high standards with standardized recipes and instructions, ensuring every dish meets your guests’ expectations.


Cut costs and go green by eliminating paper tickets, contributing to environmental sustainability. Deliver faster, more accurate service, providing an exceptional dining experience for every guest. Integrate effortlessly with existing hotel management and POS systems for a comprehensive operational upgrade. Join top-tier hotels embracing Annoncer KDS for a more intelligent, efficient kitchen.


Ready to transform your culinary operations?

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Optimize Your Restaurants’s performance with Annoncer KDS.

Implementing KDS (Kitchen Display System) technology in an average restaurant can be transformative. By investing in KDS, a restaurant can streamline its kitchen operations, leading to substantial efficiency gains. This technology reduces order preparation time, minimizes errors, and enhances workflow.


The improved efficiency results in significant labour savings, as staff can work more effectively and handle more orders without additional stress. By cutting down on kitchen mistakes, the restaurant saves a considerable amount of food waste and the need to compensate for errors with free meals. Faster order preparation and improved kitchen coordination lead to quicker table turnovers, especially during peak hours. This results in the ability to serve more customers and increase revenue.


The financial benefits of implementing KDS are clear. The restaurant recovers its initial investment quickly and enjoys substantial ongoing savings and increased revenue. The combination of labour savings, reduced waste, fewer comps, and higher income from increased table turnover creates a strong return on investment.


For every dollar invested in KDS technology, the restaurant experiences significant returns. This makes KDS a wise investment for any restaurant looking to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and boost revenue.

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