Annoncer Kitchen Management | Integrations.

Annoncer Kitchen Management | Integrations.
Annoncer Kitchen Management | Integrations !
We become even better through all our collaborations. We partner with the most renowned companies in the market, from POS integrations to online table reservation systems. Together, we enhance the world of gastronomy, creating an even more enjoyable experience. We are incredibly proud of that.
So, we’re connected to Lightspeed POS and Silverware, for example, in the fine-dining and gastronomy sector. For Hotels and resorts, we also work with Infrasys from Shiji and Simphony from Oracle. These are not all our partners, so check the list above or contact us for more info.
If you don’t find your preferred POS or reservation system in our list, don’t worry. We are happy to connect with as many partners as possible. They must have an API that gives annoncer everything we need to stay perfect. So please contact us with your preferred partner, and we can start discussing options with them.

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