How to mount your screens.

Annoncer Prestige screen mounting options are endless, which is good news. We have seen amazing kitchens, ranging from open front-of-house kitchens to more hotel-like back-of-house kitchens, and we resolve all challenges with the proper mounting solution selection.


Choosing the Right Mounting Option for Your Annoncer Prestige Kitchen Screen


Selecting the correct mounting option is crucial when installing your Annoncer Prestige kitchen screen. As a touch application, users must comfortably reach the screen to navigate recipes, timers, and other kitchen tools seamlessly. We understand that counter space is precious in any kitchen, and our design prioritizes preserving this valuable area. You can keep your counters clear by opting for a wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or pole-mounted installation, ensuring a more efficient and spacious kitchen environment. Proper mounting enhances usability and seamlessly integrates your Annoncer Prestige screen into your culinary space.


Consult with Our Experts for the Best Choice


We highly recommend consulting with our experts to ensure you choose the optimal mounting option. Our team is here to help you assess your kitchen layout, determine the most convenient and ergonomic placement, and ensure a secure installation. By working with our professionals, you can be confident that your Annoncer Prestige kitchen screen will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing your overall annoncer experience. Don’t leave it to chance—reach out to our experts today to find the perfect mounting solution for your kitchen.


We recommend working with Neomounts. Please have a look below to see the ones that we use every day. However, if you require a custom solution, that is also okay. Please connect with us to allow us to assist you, as we have Annoncer Prestige screens in the most beautiful open kitchens worldwide.


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