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The guest in your kitchen.

Our kitchen management system – the first system of its kind on the market – really focuses on your guests. Not just on their orders, but much more then that. You see exactly who is at which table, what their preferences are and what allergies they have. And if that’s not enough, you can even see on the digital kitchen screen which guests have visited your restaurant before and what they ordered during that visit. Annoncer brings your guests into your kitchen.

The Annoncer Timeline.

Keeping overview in a (busy) restaurant is never easy. The timeline in Annoncer helps you understand what happened per table and when it happened. So you no longer have to guess or remember when a dish was served, what time the guests arrived or how long a table has been waiting for their food. All actions are recorded and clearly presented on a timeline within Annoncer. This improves your service quality and ensures that mistakes are less likely to be made.

Allergies and preferences managed.

Another very important functionality is the preference and allergens feature. Not only is it very easy to assign preferences and allergies to guests, they are also clearly presented. This way, the entire team knows about everyone’s preferences and allergies. The focus is on the guests and the plates, which is useful. You will make way less mistakes because of this and can ensure that the focus is on the guests and the plates, which is nice, right?

Managing orders was never this easy.

With all the advanced functionalities within our kitchen management software, we almost forget to tell you that all orders are also clearly visible. Please, believe us… Once you start working with this multi-course kitchen system, you will never want to go back. Annoncer provides a better overview, summarizes all items and modifiers in a real-time dashboard and clearly communicates the status of each item and course to all your team members. For fine-dining and gastronomical restaurants nothing will beat this kitchen management software.

Frequently asked questions.

We will be happy to answer your question.

Do you have a question? Then it is likely that we have answered it before. Check the list on the right. Who know, you may find the answer. If not, feel free to contact us and we will help you out.

Annoncer will run on any hardware, as long as it meets specific preconditions and specifications. We however recommend that all our clients purchase the Annoncer hardware. This was designed specifically for our SaaS application and ensures seamless functioning between soft- and hardware.
Our hard- and software was developed specifically for fine dining and gastronomy restaurants. So for QSR concepts, there are solutions other than Annoncer. We are not a fit for that style of restaurant at all but there are excellent solutions like CSK from QSR Automations that will work for your QSR. Some POS systems like infrasys even allow you to mix Annoncer and CSK in the same hotel across different outlets.
Multiple tickets will fit on one screen. We have noticed this question before and will be happy to show you that Annoncer is the best fitting solution for your restaurant.
This is because we focus on gastronomy. They do not cook time-related, they just require the right aids to do this (more) effectively.
We can tell good news about that! All functionalities are independent of your licence package as standard.
No, you don't. During the configuration meeting we will discuss your wishes and needs. We will make sure that only the desired functionalities will be available on your kitchen screen. This way you will be working even more efficiently!
More often than you might think. We work with a product board that all clients have access to, via MyAnnoncer. This is where you, as a client, can add your ideas and vote for ideas from other locations. As such, we will know exactly what the market requires most.
No, currently only in the Netherlands and Belgium. Please feel free to contact us to find a suitable financial model and discuss the possibilities.
Off-course you can, regardless of what license model or type you are on you can always add screens to you Annoncer system.
Most likely we can! please get in touch with us so we can find out if your preferred platform has an API that will work for us.
We are always to talk about this important topic. In our opinion we can't do this by ourselfs and we are always interested in new partnerships. Please get in touch with us so we can figure out if we can start a collaboration.
No worries! Contact us to explain which POS-system you work with. We will then contact the supplier, to discuss the possibilities of an integration.
No, obviously they are all capable of sending items to Annoncer, but the differences are in the details. On our partner page, you will find more information. Obviously, you can also simply contact us.
No, you won't, regardless which licence you purchase. This involves no additional costs.
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