Annoncer launches: New website, 2023 we are coming!..

A new website for Annoncer, a great milestone with (even though we say so ourselves) a great product. Using Annoncer, we serve over 250 hospitality establishments. We offer them more insight, structure and bring back peace into the kitchen.


We offer our clients a unique experience with our software, so why not yet during the search for the best solution for the digitalisation of your kitchen receipts. Our new website offers more peace, more overview and most of all, more information to optimise the choice for your kitchen management system. Annoncer clients have given us good insights, that we can professionalise on and give you an even better insight in the possibilities of Annoncer.


Did you know, by the way, that Annoncer has a team of over 40 colleagues working day and night to develop the best, most progressive solution, so you can be even more confident about your work? We do not need to tell you how to cook, even more, reverse advice is desired. But we do assist you in better structuring the organised chaos, by digitalising.


This was one of the most important wishes regarding the new website, structure.


“With the new website we offer the visitor a pleasant experience where the strength of Annoncer becomes clear straight away”


Did you also know that we have recorded awesome podcasts with various chefs from the top segment. They take you into the world of the top chefs, the way they work and why they work with Annoncer.