The night is darkest before the dawn...

So here it is! You voted and we listened. At the beginning of this year we launched our Productboard so you can vote on features that are the most important to you. And so you did! Many ideas received feedback, but by far your most favorite idea was our Dark Mode.


So we got to work, and today we present you version 22.2 of Habanero with the following improvements.




The Dark Mode

As per your request, Annoncer now has a dark user interface available. We spent a lot of time balancing different colour schemes and believe to have found a new appearance that has all the benefits of a dark user interface, while still keeping the great and unique Annoncer experience. Try it out now by setting this appearance as a default for your screens in MyAnnoncer, or just switch to it from the settings screen in Annoncer. Let us know what you think!

Item renaming

There are several situations imaginable where you might want to change the name of an item. Maybe you decided to replace a dish at the last moment, or maybe your POS administrator didn’t get the new menu yet. Whatever the reason may be, we believe you should never let your creativity be limited by software. So we added the ability to change the name of an item so you can reduce possible confusion or mistakes.

Due to high demand, we will be rolling out this update in phases. Please contact our support department if you would like to update to this new version.