The Success of Annoncer KDS at Selva Restaurant | NHOW Amsterdam Hotel

First hotel in Minor Hotels group to deploy Annoncer KDS.

The Success of Annoncer KDS at Selva Restaurant | NHOW Amsterdam Hotel





In the heart of Amsterdam, where vibrant culture meets modern design, the Selva restaurant at the NHOW Hotel sets new standards in the hospitality industry. Index Hospitality’s recent integration of the Annoncer KDS (Kitchen Display System), seamlessly connected with SAP’s point of sale system, has elevated the dining experience and streamlined operations, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction.


“We are thrilled to incorporate this innovative software into our operations. As the first within our company to adopt it, we aim to demonstrate its success and extend its use to other locations.


This software improves our kitchen management, essential for our open kitchen, where customer experience precedes administrative tasks.


The announcer team’s support during implementation was invaluable and greatly assisted us during the restaurant’s opening phase.”


General Manager Renata Komarzinska

Selva Restaurant: A Culinary Gem


Located within the strikingly modern NHow Amsterdam, Selva restaurant is a culinary destination in its own right. Inspired by global flavours and local ingredients, the restaurant’s innovative menu offers a unique dining experience that attracts hotel guests and local patrons. Selva’s ambience, marked by its contemporary design and warm hospitality, complements its culinary offerings, making every visit memorable.


“The software revolutionised our restaurant’s service by streamlining order management, expediting communication between the kitchen and waitstaff, and enhancing customer satisfaction. It ultimately made our service more efficient and transformed our operations.”


Restaurant manager Osvaldo Maleci

NHow Amsterdam: A Hub of Modern Luxury


The NHow Amsterdam, part of the NHow brand by Minor Hotels, is known for its modernity and style. Situated in the bustling Zuidas district, the hotel features distinctive architecture, vibrant interiors, and exceptional service. With over 650 rooms, state-of-the-art conference facilities, and panoramic city views, NHow Amsterdam caters to the needs of both business and leisure travellers. The hotel’s commitment to providing a unique and enriching guest experience is evident in every aspect, from artistic decor to innovative dining options.


“The Announcer is an excellent product because it streamlines kitchen operations by providing staff with precise, real-time order updates. Its intuitive interface and durable design make it valuable to any busy restaurant environment.”


F&B Director Marcel Nowacki


“The software significantly improved our kitchen operations by optimising order tracking, reducing preparation errors, and facilitating seamless coordination among kitchen staff. Thus, our processes became more efficient and overall productivity enhanced.”


Head chef Roberto Torres Veliz

Customer Satisfaction


The Annoncer KDS enhances the dining experience by optimizing kitchen efficiency and reducing wait times. Customers receive their meals promptly and as ordered, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat visits.


The Integration of Annoncer KDS with SAP Point-Of-Sale


Integrating the Annoncer KDS by Index Hospitality with SAP’s point-of-sale system is fundamental to Selva’s operational success. This integration has revolutionized the way the restaurant operates, bringing several benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency


The Annoncer KDS streamlines kitchen operations by providing real-time order information directly to the kitchen staff. This reduces the risk of errors, minimizes delays, and ensures that every dish is perfectly prepared.

Improved Communication


With orders transmitted instantaneously from the point of sale to the kitchen, communication between the front-of-house and back-of-house staff has never been smoother. This seamless interaction enhances the workflow and contributes to a more harmonious working environment.

Data-Driven Insights


The integration with SAP allows for comprehensive data collection and analysis. Managers can access detailed reports on sales, order times, and customer preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive continuous improvement.

About NHow Amsterdam


NHow Amsterdam is a flagship property under the Minor Hotels umbrella. Known for its avant-garde design and unparalleled service, NHow Amsterdam offers guests a unique blend of comfort and innovation. The hotel features:

  •        Avant-garde Accommodation: Spacious rooms with contemporary decor and modern amenities.
  •        Exceptional Dining: Various dining options, including the acclaimed Selva restaurant.
  •        Business Facilities: State-of-the-art conference and meeting rooms.
  •        Panoramic Views: Stunning vistas of Amsterdam’s skyline.About Minor Hotels


Minor Hotels is a global hotel owner, operator, and investor with a portfolio of more than 530 properties across 56 countries. The company’s diverse portfolio includes brands such as Anantara, Avani, Oaks, Tivoli, and NHow. Minor Hotels is committed to providing exceptional guest experiences, focusing on luxury, innovation, and sustainability.

About Annoncer KDS by Index Hospitality


Index Hospitality Systems is a prominent provider of innovative technology solutions for the hospitality industry. The Annoncer KDS improves kitchen operations by creating a seamless interface between the point-of-sale system and the kitchen. It offers real-time order tracking, customizable display options, and robust data analytics, helping restaurants enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve the overall dining experience.

About SAP by Ernst & Young for Minor Hotels


Ernst & Young (EY) has collaborated with SAP to provide tailored solutions for various industries, including hospitality. Specifically for Minor Hotels, EY leverages its expertise in digital transformation and SAP’s advanced technologies to enhance hotel operations and guest experiences.

Key Customizations and Benefits for Minor Hotels:

Digital Transformation:


EY supports Minor Hotels in transitioning to cloud-based systems, utilizing SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA to streamline operations and improve efficiency. This includes integrating front-desk operations with back-office functions like accounting and inventory management, ensuring real-time data availability and operational visibility​ (EY US)​​ (EY US).

Enhanced Guest Experience:


By implementing SAP Customer Checkout, EY helps Minor Hotels manage sales, returns, payments, and loyalty programs efficiently. This system supports mobile ordering and payments, improving the guest experience by reducing wait times and enhancing service quality​ (SAP).

Operational Efficiency:


Integrating SAP solutions allows for the seamless management of multiple hotel properties, which is crucial for Minor Hotels’ extensive portfolio. This includes automating financial processes, managing guest reservations, and providing comprehensive reporting and analytics to support decision-making​ (EY US)​​ (Minor Hotels).

Scalability and Flexibility:


EY’s solutions are designed to be scalable, accommodating the needs of both single properties and large hotel chains. This flexibility ensures that Minor Hotels can adapt to market changes and expand their operations efficiently​ (EY US).


For further details on how EY customers for hospitality, you can visit the EY-SAP Alliance page and learn more about specific implementations and success stories.



The successful integration of Annoncer KDS at Selva restaurant in the NHow Amsterdam Hotel exemplifies how cutting-edge technology can transform hospitality operations. By enhancing efficiency, improving communication, and providing valuable insights, Annoncer KDS ensures that Selva continues to deliver an exceptional dining experience. As part of the dynamic NHow Amsterdam, Selva is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of success, delighting guests with every meal.


For more information on NHow Amsterdam, visit NHow Amsterdam.

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To learn more about SAP by E&Y for hotels, visit EY US | Minor Hotels



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