Uncover the secrets behind Annoncer KDS's success at De L'Europe Amsterdam

The Success of Annoncer KDS at De L'Europe in Amsterdam.

The Success of Annoncer KDS at De L'Europe in Amsterdam



The Success of Annoncer KDS at De L’Europe in Amsterdam. Uncover the secrets behind Annoncer KDS’s success at De L’Europe Amsterdam.


 “Annoncer plays a critical role in smooth and efficient operations within our F&B departments. The integrated system provides our teams with the overview and details required to deliver exceptional, personalised service.“  

Yaron Jansen – Director of Food & Beverage  | Senior Management


Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam, a beacon of luxury and heritage, has been at the forefront of hospitality excellence since its establishment. With its rich history and commitment to providing unparalleled guest experiences, the hotel enhanced its service efficiency by implementing Annoncer KDS by Index Hospitality. Additionally, it was seamlessly integrated with Oracle’s POS and Formitable by ZenChef.


The Synergy of Technology and Tradition


De L’Europe Amsterdam has embraced Annoncer KDS as a cornerstone of its food and beverage operations. This technology has become the backbone of the hotel’s commitment to enhancing gastronomy with advanced solutions. Annoncer KDS has been the trusted tool for all food and beverage staff at the hotel for many years, proving indispensable in improving service efficiency and personalising the dining experience:


  • Real-Time Order Updates: Annoncer’s intuitive display ensures that all kitchen staff are in sync with the front of house, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Customisable Interface: Tailor the display to meet your kitchen’s unique needs. Choose how orders are shown, set priority items, and track completion times to boost productivity.
  • Detailed Analytics: Gain insights into kitchen performance with Annoncer’s built-in analytics. Track order times, identify bottlenecks, and implement improvements based on reliable data.
  • Seamless Integration: Annoncer seamlessly integrates with most existing POS systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimising downtime.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand the rigours of a professional kitchen, the Annoncer Prestige hardware is durable and easy to clean, ensuring it can withstand the demands of a fast-paced environment.

With Annoncer, de L’Europe Amsterdam transformed its f&b operation into a model of efficiency and precision. They said goodbye to misplaced tickets and communication errors and welcomed a new era of culinary excellence and customer satisfaction.


 “Annoncer provides a clear overview of the operations with remarkable detail, but in a straightforward and intuitive way. As a chef, this brings you much closer to the guests at your tables because you can easily monitor their status.“ Jop Schippers – Executive Chef Brasserie Marie 


A Testament to Adaptability and Excellence: Annoncer’s Role at De L’Europe Amsterdam


Furthermore, Annoncer KDS was selected for De L’Europe Amsterdam in its inaugural year following its successful deployment at prominent Dutch restaurants such as the Librije*** and Bolenius*. Recognizing the sophisticated needs of Hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam’s diverse culinary operations, Annoncer was implemented to enhance service across its varied dining formats. Additionally, more than 25 screens were installed across the hotel’s multiple kitchens and dining areas, tailored to meet the unique demands of each venue.


Annoncer’s Versatile Deployment Across Venues:


  • Michelin-Starred Restaurant Flore: At Restaurant Flore, which focuses on a set menu structure complete with wine pairings and the precision required for maintaining two Michelin stars and its green star, Annoncer KDS facilitates impeccable service timing and coordination. This ensures that each course reflects the culinary artistry and high standards expected at such a prestigious establishment.
  • Brasserie Marie and the Dynamic Flow: The Brasserie Marie presents different challenges, especially given its two full kitchens, which alternate based on the weather and the status of the hotel’s famous terrace. Annoncer KDS manages complex routing and order timing to ensure seamless operation, whether guests dine indoors or on the terrace. This flexibility enhances the guest experience by providing consistent, high-quality service regardless of seating location.
  • Expansive Service Offerings: The integration of Annoncer KDS extends beyond the restaurants to encompass a la carte breakfast services, room service, and operations at the iconic Freddy’s Bar and the hotel lobby. The system’s robust capability to handle multiple service types from various kitchens simultaneously showcases its adaptability and impact in managing complex culinary logistics.


 “Annoncer has been paramount in our communication system. The food ticket display orchestrates the flow of orders seamlessly, harmonising kitchen operations and server communication, elevating efficiency, and ensuring that the chefs focus on every dish instead of the pass flow. That perfect tempo increased our culinary performance.” Remy Baben – Food & Beverage Operations Manager 


About De L’Europe Amsterdam


The story of De L’Europe Amsterdam reads like your favorite book. This monumental establishment intertwines its roots with the city’s foundation. De L’Europe is known as one of the oldest family-owned hotels in the heart of Amsterdam, with all famous cultural landmarks just a stone’s throw away. It is the perfect homecoming after a full day of exploration.


In addition to the luxurious oasis of comfort, De L’Europe is also home to a state-of-the-art wellness center, gym, and concept store, In-Huys, offering an extensive range of culinary experiences. Here, you’ll find the two MICHELIN-star-conscious fine-dining Restaurant Flore, the classic French Brasserie Marie, the authentic Italian Trattoria Graziella, the speakeasy bar Chapter 1896, and the iconic Freddy’s Bar, all under one roof.


Furthermore, De L’Europe Amsterdam invites guests to discover its newest addition: ‘t Huys. This microcosm under its roof is where Amsterdam-born and bred brands take up permanent residence, bringing perennial style, sophistication, and a local ambiance.


  • CONSCIOUS AND HIGH-QUALITY CUISINE THAT MOVES WITH THE PACE OF THE SEASONS – Flore** is the epitome of the future of star cuisine. In this intimate fine-dining restaurant, all ingredients come from small, local organic farms and sustainable fish buyers. Restaurant Flore is a biodynamic experience. This way you can enjoy the purest lunch and dinner dishes completely dairy-free. Flore invites her guests on a conscious and honest culinary adventure to rediscover the magic of the seasons.
  • STEP INTO MARIE’S WORLD OF REFINED, CLASSIC FRENCH CUISINE – Located on the banks of the Amstel River lies Amsterdam’s cosiest Brasserie. Marie, named after Gerard Heineken’s wife, a strong, independent woman with a love for the Côte d’Azur, is a one-of-a-kind sophisticated French dining experience. Bask in the casual yet chic atmosphere with seating inside the brasserie or ‘sur l’eau’, our iconic waterfront terrace.
  • YOUR NEW FAVOURITE TRATTORIA, GRAZIELLA – The youthful and elegant Trattoria Graziella is known for serving up inspired Italian dishes in a charming space reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s pastel-hued sets. Catch up with friends and family in one of the cozy booths or sit at the bar and watch the Italian chefs put their spin on time-honored dishes.
  • CHEERS TO A LOCAL LEGEND – Experience the old-world charm of Freddy’s Bar. The iconic gentlemen’s pub is named after Alfred ‘Freddy’ Heineken. Sit back, relax, and order your favorite drink, and imagine yourself in his presence as he used to repose here. Freddy’s Bar is the embodiment of Dutch authenticity.

 “The system is straightforward and can be tailored to the specific needs of different restaurants. Although great support is available, the back-end is very easy to use, and almost anything can be done via the store portal at your convenience.”  Tim Abcouwer – Food & Beverage Coordinator| IT Department 


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About Formitable by Zenchef: Enhancing Guest Experience


Formitable by Zenchef interfaces with Annoncer KDS, allowing reservation data to flow directly to the kitchens. This integration provides early access to allergy information and food preferences, enabling the kitchen staff to prepare personalised dishes that meet guests’ dietary needs. Key benefits include:


  • Allergy and Preference Management: Ensures that the kitchen is well-informed about guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences ahead of time.
  • Personalized Dining Experience: Enhances the overall guest experience by providing meals that cater to individual tastes and requirements.
  • Efficient Reservation Handling: Streamlines the reservation process, reducing wait times and improving service efficiency.


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About the Michelin Guide


The Michelin Guide is a renowned international reference for dining excellence. Established in the early 20th century, it awards Michelin stars to restaurants exhibiting exceptional quality and culinary mastery. A Michelin star is a coveted honor that signifies a restaurant’s commitment to outstanding food and service. The Michelin Green Star, introduced recently, highlights restaurants leading the way in sustainability, honoring those who prioritize environmental consciousness in their operations.


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About The Leading Hotels of the World


De L’Europe Amsterdam is a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World, a collection of over 400 hotels in over 80 countries. Each hotel in this prestigious group embodies a unique charm, exceptional service, and a commitment to providing memorable experiences. Membership is by invitation only, ensuring that only the finest hotels in the world are included, guaranteeing guests unparalleled luxury and hospitality.


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About Simphony by Oracle: Revolutionizing Hospitality Management


Simphony by Oracle is a cloud-based, comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Its integration into Hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam has streamlined operations, enhanced data accuracy, and improved service delivery. The Simphony POS system offers several key benefits:


  • Real-Time Data and Analytics: Provides immediate access to sales data, inventory levels, and customer preferences, enabling better decision-making.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: It easily adapts to the hotel’s various dining establishments, from fine dining to casual eateries.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Facilitates quick and accurate order processing, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.


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About Van Hessen: The Local Oracle Partner

Van Hessen is the trusted local partner that supplies Oracle’s Simphony POS to De L’Europe Amsterdam. As a critical provider of Oracle’s innovative solutions, Van Hessen plays a crucial role in ensuring that the technology integration meets the unique needs of the hotel’s operations. Their expertise and support are vital in maintaining the seamless functionality of the POS system, which is integral to the hotel’s ability to deliver top-tier service across all its food and beverage outlets.


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The selection and integration of Annoncer KDS across De L’Europe Amsterdam’s diverse food and beverage outlets underline the system’s indispensable role in modern gastronomy. By effectively managing everything from fine dining to dynamic brasserie operations, Annoncer supports De L’Europe Amsterdam in its mission to offer unparalleled hospitality and culinary excellence. This technology, coupled with the hotel’s commitment to luxury and guest service, ensures that every visit is


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