Silverware POS.

Silverware is one of the leading companies when it comes to technological solutions for the Hospitality industry.

Some believe that good service all comes down to taking orders and the timely serving thereof. We believe that good service goes way beyond that.


Some believe that good service means that you must take orders and serve meals in a timely and efficient manner. Silverware believe that good service is much more than that.

Silverware ensure that each aspect of the guest experience is taken care of, from the moment that the first customer enters, until the last customer leaves. The solutions and service for white gloves were designed specifically and supplied for the type of organisation that is keen on making their guests enthusiastic.

As Silverware says: “We bring more on the table”.

Annoncer & Silverware

After the successful completion of our first mutual project between Annoncer and Silverware POS, Hotel the Grand in Amsterdam, we also thrilled Le Mirazur (#1 restaurant of the world in 2019) with a new system. The rest is history…

We notice a nicely growing collaboration between Annoncer and Silverware POS. The integration is realised, the clients are connected and most importantly: everyone is satisfied about this collaboration.

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