Breeze POS.

This is Breeze POS

Innovative & Easy-to-use CLOUD-BASED POS, that leverages the advantages of a mobile formula while offering far greater functionalities than a traditional POS. An intuitive, elegant interface that simplifies the operational processes and increases efficiency.


The advantages of Breeze

Breeze POS can help you increase sales in many ways. It gives your waiters the tools to propose recommendations an integrate cross sell and upsell actions into communications with customers. Breeze ensures a better service quality, your customers will be happier, and they will be coming back, so you can increase sales through a higher rate of loyalty. Moreover, the data collected allows you to integrate menu marketing and push the products with the highest margins. And don’t forget that with a faster and better service you could also experience a better table rotation which leads to a significant increase in revenue.


This is the reason why people choose Breeze

” Our customers love BREEZE and all their staff members appreciate working with it because they feel and understand how much it makes their life easier, it helps them decrease the order and preparation time, it reduces the possible human errors, increases operational efficiency and ultimately leads to an important increase of customer satisfaction and overall revenues”


Annoncer & Breeze (part of Bitsoft)

We have an integration with Breeze POS (Part of Bitsoft). Already a few customers who are working with Annoncer and Breeze. The integration works fluently and all the data that is necessary in your kitchen can be shown on our Kitchen screens. We would love to tell you more about this integration, please let us know your wishes and we talk you through.

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