Formitable - Online table reservation system.

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Formitable’s endeavour. The mission of Formitable is simple, they are there to help your restaurant grow. Why? They respect your art form and your ability to create. They will help you to become even more successful by enabling you to focus on your guests. Interesting to know is that Formitable can be tried for free, is very easy to adjust, while the integration with Annoncer has already been established.


Annoncer & Formitable

Being aware what can be expected and anticipating this can make or break a service. Annoncer installs digital screens in your kitchen, so you handle your guest’s order. Annoncer helps you to improve the service by providing a clear overview of order slips. Using “smart sorting” in a price-winning user-interface, you are always aware of what is going on. Even during the busiest times.

Connect Formitable to Annoncer and display a current overview of your reservations, upcoming guests and their specific requests, on your kitchen scherm. For instance allergy management, special wishes or remarks. Simplicity is the strength, would you like to know more about our collaboration and the operation of the integration? We will be happy to inform you.

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