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Ever since the founding in 2011, SevenRooms is dedicated to serving the hospitality-sector-operators – from independent restaurant owners to worldwide hospitality groups. they founded their company to take on a challenge that they acknowledged within the branch: limited access to and ownership of guest details. Over the past 10 years, SevenRooms designed a platform that gives access to a 360-degree image of the guest’s journey and enables operators to offer very personal experiences to any restaurant, on location as well as beyond.


SevenRooms’ mission is to assist hospitality sector entrepreneurs in managing, analysing and optimising each step of the guest’s journey. Their tools enable operators to increase their turnover and retention, by making use of details to build direct relations, offer exceptional experiences and stimulate recurring visits and orders.


Annoncer & SevenRooms

A top notch integration. Also this integration is regarded as very needful. Given the growth of both companies and the demand of the joint clients, we have decided to join forces and realise the integration, so our joint clients can make the two applications seamless collaborate.

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