unTill POS.

Overview and the strength of simplicity


For more than 25 years, unTill has been developing and supplying software for the hospitality sector worldwide. As their team consists of people who also have a broad work experience in all facets of the hospitality sector, they understand the wishes of the business like no other. As a result, the software is flexible and dynamic and meets the wishes of all users.

As unTill is being represented by a worldwide network of experienced resellers, there is a close-knit relation with every end-user. The resellers are trained professionals and have complete knowledge of all unTill related products. Since they are based in the client’s own region, there is no language barrier, they are fully informed of all local laws and regulations and are aware of all trends.


Annoncer & unTill POS

The integration with Annoncer and unTill was a no-brainer. Quality and knowledge is something we both stand for. Given the mutual clients, the supply and demand, we have realised an integration to relieve our clients even further. Do you have a POS of unTill and would you like to know about the possibilities with Annoncer? We will be happy to inform you.

POS Partner - Annoncer
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