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Chef Bram de Kanter about Annoncer KDS, in 1927, an enormous greenhouse was built to supply other parks in the city with trees, grasses, and exotic plants like palms. However, by the end of the 20th century, the demand had decreased so much that the greenhouse became redundant. No longer needed or loved, the greenhouse seemed destined to be demolished. 2000 the nursery was repurposed when it was converted into a restaurant. Dining in the middle of a greenhouse, under the starry sky, with a view of the garden where vegetables and herbs are grown. Thus, De Kas became one of the first farm-to-table restaurants in the world.


We’ve been doing it since 2001, from plant to plate. It’s in our DNA. Our gardens in Amsterdam and the Beemster form the soul of our restaurant and menu. They mark the seasons and continuously surprise us. We grow around 300 vegetables, herbs, and fruits in our gardens in the open ground and greenhouse. Every 2 to 3 weeks, we create a new menu, focused as much as possible on vegetables with occasional pieces of meat or fish. If a product suddenly becomes available earlier, we’re not afraid to change the menu after just one day. This makes the work super challenging and immensely rewarding. Each dish must have a wow factor. A sauce, a spicy pepper, or a sour element can achieve this. Taste is paramount for us.


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Restaurant De Kas
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chef Bram de Kanter

This is the reason why.

We work with Annoncer because we need an efficient, simple, transparent system. That is Annoncer. We handle 300 covers per day and offer a 6-course menu. With Annoncer, we can see all the tables at a glance. It takes so much work off our hands; we don’t need someone constantly asking about table statuses and checking timing. Annoncer does that for us.

3 questions to Bram de Kanter about Annoncer.

What is your favourite functionality regarding Annoncer, and why?

The best functionality of Annoncer for us is how much information we can include in an organized format. We work with a lot of staff in the evening, so it’s very convenient when all the information about a table doesn’t need to be communicated repeatedly. We can indicate allergies, dish choices, language, whether people are using the restroom or smoking, and whether they want to eat quickly or slowly, all in a clear layout.


What has Annoncer done for you?

Annoncer ensures that our lunch and dinner services run smoothly and flow well. It eliminates a lot of unnecessary communication and ensures that we are all on the same page. We are a large restaurant with an extensive menu, so we often put the Annoncer system to the test, haha. If there is an issue, the Annoncer team is always very quick to respond and keeps at it until everything runs smoothly again. This is genuinely top-notch service.


What would you like to tell someone considering purchasing Annoncer for their restaurant?

What would you say to someone considering Annoncer for their restaurant? Do it; you don’t know what you’re missing. It takes so much hassle off your hands, and the ease of use is incredible. People who work with it for fifteen minutes have it completely under control. Do it, DO IT.

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