Chef Jeroen de Zeeuw about Annoncer KDS.

About restaurant De Zeeuw.

In an intimate and elegant historic building at Nassaulaan 1, in the heart of Haarlem, lies Restaurant De Zeeuw.

After years of experience in top restaurants, we started our own restaurant in 2017. Simplicity, personality, character, and craftsmanship form the foundation of our establishment. The restaurant’s intimate setting allows us to give our guests the attention we would like to experience ourselves.

Chef Jeroen de Zeeuw worked at De Vrienden van Jacob* in Santpoort, De Posthoorn* in Monnickendam, and completed various international internships in London and Dubai. Getting the best out of a product and creating something beautiful every day is the most enjoyable thing there is”

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Restaurant De Zeeuw
Haarlem, Netherlands
Chef Jeroen de Zeeuw
De Zeeuw - signature dish

Signature dish.

Jeroen de Zeeuw has a delicious signature dish. It is dry-aged kingfish, lovage vinaigrette, Dutch wasabi sorbet, and pickled kohlrabi!

All ingredients come from small-scale producers or our own garden, ensuring a traceable product. Our fish is sustainably caught, we grow our own vegetables and herbs, and we try to limit the use of meat. The dishes change with the seasons and the supply from our suppliers. As a result, the menu is constantly evolving and can even change weekly. Therefore, the menu on our website serves as an indication only.

The dishes are characterized by their attention to the product, playful and light nature, but always with a focus on quality and craftsmanship.

De Zeeuw - eigenaren

3 questions to Jeroen de Zeeuw about Annoncer.

What is your favourite functionality regarding Annoncer, and why?

With the time function between the dishes, I can keep track of whether the pace is good, whereas I used to always have to ask Janine.

What has Annoncer done for you?

At first, we had to get used to it, but now it is very clear and brings calm and order. You can easily review things if something goes wrong or if details are needed.

What would you like to tell someone considering purchasing Annoncer for their restaurant?

Make a well-considered choice based on your expectations. We were very concerned about the cost aspect, but in hindsight, we are very glad we made the decision. This is also thanks to the tips from external parties affiliated with Annoncer, such as Kassaman.

We will be happy to inform you about what Annoncer could do for you.