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In-counter mount solution for single-screen


So, the ultimate solution for open kitchens and counters requires a more subtle solution, just like the Restaurant ANG in the picture. Long story short, you will have to work with your architect and technical people to create two things basically:


  • There is a space in the counter so you can lower the Annoncer Prestige screen to your liking; we would always advise keeping the screen slightly tilted for easier reading and touching.
  • Something that matches the counter around the front of the screen to hide from the guest’s perspective


With any custom mounting solution, we would also recommend doing the following:


  • Ensure the device can release its heat for cooling purposes
  • Do not use excessive kit, etc.
  • Ensure you can easily remove the screen should it need replacement
  • Remember, we need power and a network connection.


Last suggestions:



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