Maeve is a casual fine-dining restaurant in Utrecht. Sustainable, local, fresh, refined. The restaurant is located in a characteristic national monument on the Kromme Nieuwegracht in Utrecht, a stone’s throw from the Dom. At Maeve you will enjoy a gastronomic total experience in an atmospheric ambiance. The restaurant is run by Tommy Janssen and Vera Voorend, an ambitious couple with years of experience in top restaurants.


About Tommy Janssen

Tommy’s cuisine is characterized by fresh, light dishes with lots of vegetable preparations and local products. For the very best products they work with local farmers, fishermen, hunters, growers and gardeners. Tommy is inspired by the season and products of Dutch soil.


This is the reason that Maeve choose Annoncer

The reason Maeve started working with Annoncer is: professionalism, user-friendliness for the (international) team, the links to the current POS and reservation systems, application for the fine-dining segment and the collection of relevant data/insights. Our kitchen team includes Ukrainian and Greek nationals, in addition I trained a pool of part-time students, making a clear and uncluttered system a must. In addition, Annoncer’s team has a very professional approach, from the training day to the day of installation/live where they are present on site during the service.


Restaurant Maeve
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Chef Tommy Janssen

3 questions to Tommy Janssen about Annoncer.

What is your favorite functionality regarding Annoncer and why?

The timeline, this allows you to track exactly what/when was taken.


What has Annoncer done for you?

Annoncer brings overview, clarity, calm and focus to the entire team. It allows us to time the right speed for dinner.


What would you like to tell someone who is thinking about purchasing Annoncer for his/her restaurant?

Try Annoncer for a week and you won’t want to be without it.


About the collaboration.

Are you curious about how our clients operate Annoncer? Contact us and we will arrange a look inside the kitchen.