The Jane.

The Jane first opened its doors in 2014 and offers a unique combination of first-class gastronomy made accessible to a wide audience – young or old, foodies or guests who have since experienced gastronomy for the first time.


The restaurant is located in the former chapel of the Military Hospital. The chapel and surrounding area have been completely renovated after years of vacancy. Piet Boon provided the restaurant’s design and, together with various artists and craftsmen, ensured that The Jane has become a real gem.


The Jane is the gourmet restaurant on the ground floor and all tables overlook the open kitchen. There is an extensive wine list offering both new organic wines and golden oldies from renowned wine estates. On the first floor, you’ll find ‘untitled. ‘



About Nick Bril

At the age of 14, Nick Bril started as a dishwasher in a restaurant. After a year, he got the chance to help out in the kitchen, where he would eventually get a taste for gastronomy. At the age of 19, Nick went to work for Sergio Herman (Restaurant Oud Sluis), awarded three Michelin stars, and he immediately fell in love with kitchen rock & roll. That meant working really hard, trying to match perfection while creating an easy going and chill atmosphere rather than coming across as stiff and impersonal.


“I am still at the beginning of my career. I try to travel as often as possible to get to know other cultures, people, ingredients, That way I can develop myself further. When I eventually return to The Jane, I will be bursting with new ideas for both the restaurant and the bar. My ultimate goal is to translate this feeling and my experiences to the plate so guests can see, smell and taste it for themselves. The combination of great food, artists and designers makes my job as an entrepreneur incredibly exciting, but at the same time it is one of the most challenging jobs I have ever had.”



This is the reason that The Jane choose Annoncer

We have been working with Annoncer since the beginning and I got used to it fast, so quickly that it became a second nature. Weekly bookings are in, all our guest details are automatically included with the flexibility to make adjustments on the spot.


In hectic shifts, you don’t run into a messy workflows because Annoncer is always clean and well organised.

The Jane
The Jane
The Jane
Antwerp, Belgium
Chef Nick Bril
Nick Bril side

3 questions to Nick Bril about Annoncer.

What is your favorite functionality regarding Annoncer and why?

Grouping tables, this allows us to create an optimal flow in serving dishes. Even in the most hectic shifts, this gives us a better overview and makes us work much more efficiently.


What has Annoncer done for you?

Moving from paper tickets to a digital kitchen screen was a breath of fresh air. Everything is based on data and the biggest gain is to support human discussion with data. This has reduced moments of discussion allowing us to focus more on the service.


What would you like to tell someone who is thinking about purchasing Annoncer for his/her restaurant?

Thank you Annoncer, my role as chef has shifted from expediter to a more all-round team player which gives me the freedom to be more engaged with my restaurant. Do you have above 10 tables? Then all I want to say is GO with Annoncer.

About the collaboration.

We will be happy to inform you about what Annoncer could do for you.