Restaurant Deessa.

Quique Dacosta and Annoncer.


Celebrity chef Quique Dacosta brings his unique culinary talent to Madrid at Mandarin Oriental Ritz. Madrid’s signature restaurant Deessa. Awarded two Michelin stars. Located in the beautiful surroundings of Alfonso XIII Hall and overlooking the Ritz garden, it is the perfect setting for Dacosta’s cuisine, which knows no bounds when it comes to taste. Dacosta. Who is previously awarded a total of five Michelin stars for two of his restaurants, is widely regarded as one of the leading figures in contemporary Spanish cuisine and will oversee all of the hotel’s culinary operations.


The restaurant


With several seating options, the signature restaurant serves two tasting menus; “Historical”, with a selection of the chef’s most acclaimed dishes and “Contemporary”, with a range of dishes created exclusively for this space overlooking the garden and terrace. A private dining room for 10 is available for private dinners and parties. Known as Condesa Maslov, the room is named after the famous spy Mata Hari, who used this nickname when she stayed at the hotel in 1916.

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Logo Mandarin
Restaurant Deessa
Madrid, Spain
Chef Quique Dacosta

This is the reason why Restaurant Deessa chose Annoncer;.

“I believe in innovation, evolution, informatics and new technologies as tools that improve our lives in general and cooking in particular. In Deessa, our restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid, which received two Michelin stars just 18 months after its opening, Annoncer is an essential tool because it allows me to better organise the daily dynamics of the restaurant. We can accurately control timings, monitor the pace of our customers during their culinary experience and thus establish a truly dynamic communication pattern with the team without having to speak directly. This is a very useful tool in such a large restaurant, with menus serving 16 to 18 dishes, with a wide variety of customers with specific food preferences…. It allows us to communicate constantly thanks to a method that has allowed us to improve. There is no doubt that part of our achievements in this sector are due to its application.”

Quique Dacosta

3 questions to Quique Dacosta about Annoncer.

What is your favorite functionality regarding Annoncer and why?

We can precisely control the timing, monitor the pace of our customers during their culinary experience and thus establish a truly dynamic pattern of communication with the team without having to speak directly to them.


What has Annoncer done for you?

Annoncer has allowed me to find a much more dynamic working method, together with the kitchen, dining room and sommelier staff, where the parameters of service have been significantly perfected.


What would you like to tell someone who is thinking about purchasing Annoncer for his/her restaurant?

I already use it, so I recommend all top hospitality and anyone working in restaurants to consider this tool as it is very intuitive, dynamic and extremely useful for running restaurants.

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