Two founders, technical experts, operations and management, with a passion for gastronomy, decided to re-invent the check-out for catering by launching the Cashpad brand in 2012.


After two years of research and development, Cashpad launched its first check-out in 2012 and ever since, they developed genuine expertise in the hospitality branch. This KDS is unique in itself. Cashpad designs, develops and produces its collection solution. “Made in France” is zit Cashpad’s DNA.


Reliable and robust. Cashpad is not an app, it is a check-out- and management system in itself. It is a reliable and robust solution. The Cashpad box is not some form of support, it is the brains of your check-out. It contains all software technology to allow your check-out to communicate with the equipment, peripheral equipment and digital services that transform your daily business.


Cashpad defines the most suitable customer journey by taking account of the digitalisation of hospitality sector matter (online ordering, ordering at the table, terminal, kitchen screen, etc.). The management of your branches is able to operate on site, or remotely, using the online back office.

Headquarters in France
25+ Employees
1000+ customers
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