Silverware and Annoncer


Silverware is a leading developer of advanced technological solutions for the hospitality sector. For that reason, we established this wonderful collaboration with Silverware. A very pleasant partner that believes in good service.


Some believe that good service implies that you must take orders and serve food in a timely and efficient manner. We believe that good service goes way beyond that. With Silverware, we ensure that each aspect of the guest experience is taken care of, from the moment that the first customer enters until the last one leaves. We won’t serve just anybody. Our solutions and service for white gloves were designed specifically and supplied for the type of organisation that fanatically makes their guests enthusiastic.


Silverware is strong in the segment of full service / fine-dine and gastronomy restaurants. From sales to support and of course the implementation, you have found the right partner in the region.

Headoffice in Markham
50+ employees
1000+ sites
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