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The functionalities of Annoncer.

We design solutions that solve everyday bottlenecks in gastronomy kitchens. That is what makes us unique. Don’t waste any time on discussing timing issues and waiting for an updated list of reservations. Communication through kitchen screens improves the management of all courses to perfection. No more surprises about allergies & food preferences or courses that are not fired in time. You can concentrate on your guests and dishes, Annoncer takes care of the rest.

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Kitchen screens (hardware).

Fantastic software can’t go without wonderful hardware. Synergy applies when the entirety exceeds the sum of the components. Our kitchen displays are no exception. Our hardware platform was designed, technically and ergonomically, to work in the toughest environments. It also looks tough and robust, so it won’t detract from your beautiful kitchen. Annoncer has proven itself in over 250 kitchens, there are simply no better alternatives.

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Our pricing will even make the most conservative accountant smile. We offer multiple pricing options: from SaaS to purchase. These different options fit well with today’s way of running a new or existing business. Most importantly, our prices are clear, transparent and easy to handle. Do you work at a large organization or just in a small team? We always have a package that fits your needs, goals and challenges. Request your free demo immediately and we will show you why Annoncer is number one in the world of KDS.

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