Kitchen management for fine dining & gastronomy.

Kitchen management for fine dining & gastronomy, managing workload, working more efficiently, and further optimising the guest experience. Sounds good. You can realise it using our kitchen display system (KDS) Annoncer. This system is not just another solution used by any restaurant kitchen. It is the cream of the crop. Annoncer is explicitly designed for fine dining, high-end restaurants and restaurants with a Michelin star. The world’s best chefs rely on this KDS for a reason.

Unique in kitchen management.

Annoncer is not JUST ANOTHER KDS. It is an evolution within the world of kitchen management software for the hospitality industry. Kitchen management for fine dining & gastronomy is stopping the paper ticket nightmare and using Annoncer. We will help you take back control of your daily kitchen operation. We will help you with a flawless digital ticket management application in which you will have all guest information in one place, manage menus with multiple courses and have insights into all reservations. These and other functionalities were explicitly designed for the best restaurants in the hospitality sector, from fine dining to Gastronomy. With Annoncer, you efficiently realise kitchen management, time-savings, overview and cost-savings.

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More than 400 restaurants are using Annoncer.

Not only are we familiar with the success of our kitchen management for fine dining & gastronomy. Our clients will be happy to tell you about their experiences.

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The kitchen management system with an award-winning interface.

The word intuitive does not do justice to Annoncer. Our kitchen management solution does not show unnecessary buttons but provides a clear overview with a perfect progression of the tickets. Your kitchen will never be the same when you start working with Annoncer. Want to get started with our KDS? We will gladly show you all the possibilities. Of course, it will be without any obligations and with passion and pleasure.

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The transfer from paper to digital might seem like a big hurdle—we understand that, for sure. But did you know that literally, every chef who is working with Annoncer indicates that they should have made that step much earlier? Yes, they do, really. That is why we encourage you to talk to colleagues who are already using Annoncer. We’re happy to help you connect with them. Let us know, and we’ll take care of it.


Annoncer is kitchen management for fine dining & gastronomy

Facts & figures.
Facts & figures.

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Case: Restaurant Amber - HongKong.

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    Erik Souren.
    Sr. Sales Consultant
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