This is why you should use kitchen displays in your kitchen.

3 Advantages of using a KDS in the kitchen


Kitchen displays? We can hear you thinking, what are the advantages of using a kitchen display system in your kitchen instead of the traditional way of working with paper tickets?


Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are changing the way kitchens in the hospitality industry operate. Here are three advantages to help you understand why you should use a KDS in the kitchen:


  1. Streamlined operation:
    We all recognize these days in the kitchen where nothing is going according to plan, one unrelated problem after another and the whole shift continuous to be a nightmare until closing time.With a KDS this will be a thing of the past, really! The kitchen operation will be more streamlined and more efficient. No more screw ups, and if there was a mistake during the service, a KDS will give you the insights to find the bottlenecks! So you can fix them.
  2. Improved communication:
    During a busy service communication is important, communication is key. We all know the feeling of yelling to each other which doesn’t benefit the communication. A kitchen display system provides a seamless communication between front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Orders will be transmitted electronically from the POS system to the KDS, eliminating the need for verbal communication or physical tickets. No more unnecessary discussions. A KDS will transform your kitchen from a warzone to a place of peace and tranquility.
  3. Improved visibility:
    You as a chef are basically work in the dark, you have no visibility of what is happening inside the restaurant. Do you recognize these questions? How far along is Table 5, is the cutlery set on table 12, has the wine been poured for table 3 and should the main course not have been fired for table 21? This is not A chef thing, you should have the overview as having full visibility is the only way to provide the best service. With kitchen screens you will have this improved visibility.


In conclusion, the use of kitchen screens provides numerous of advantages for restaurants and hospitality businesses, including streamlined operations, improved communication and improved visibility. You will make less mistakes and by leveraging the power of a KDS, restaurants can optimize the complete service and ultimately deliver exceptional dining experiences to your guests.


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