Annoncer has launched Screw It, Let’s Talk the podcast.


It is no secret that 2021 is the year of the podcasts. And since we know so many great chefs, we thought, let’s make one. We work with many great chefs and figured that their stories have never been told in a raw manner. We are curious about their lives, their past and their untold stories.


In the world of gastronomy, you only really count when you distinguish yourself. There is a story behind the chefs of Screw It, Lets’ Talk. Not a list of all kinds of milestones, but a story about a unique personality. Their life is special. They are successful. And don’t care about the rules. They go to extremes and prove themselves time and time again. Night after night, at the highest level.


They earned stars, received titles and had lunch with the King but still get the most pleasure from creating the ultimate experiences in their restaurants. Chefs at the top tell their story. From their worst failures to their most memorable successes, we take you on a tour inside their world.


If you are wondering which chefs we will be part of our podcast, no worries! We are speaking to chefs like Richard van Oostenbrugge, Angelos Kremmydas, Nick Bril and many more. Every chef has a unique way of cooking and a unique story to tell.


Annoncer is located in the Netherlands, hence the Dutch podcast. However, we do not want to disappoint our international partners, chefs and members. That’s why we upload the podcast on YouTube so everybody can watch with subtitles.

The podcast Screw It, Let’s Talk is available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, YouTube and Soundcloud.

We update you on gastronomy. On the road, on the couch, on the train, in the car and, and of course in your kitchen.
Danny Steigerwald
Sales & Marketingmanager