New reseller: Cashpad.

A collaboration of French class.

Cashpad and Annoncer have joined forces. Thanks to this collaboration, we offer the French market the possibility to experience the strength of our KDS. Dutch quality on the French culinary soil, a magnificent combination. In addition, this collaboration offer additional opportunities for the users of the POS system of Cashpad. A seamless integration between the two hospitality-solutions offers a broad array of possibilities for the French gastronomy to radiate even more quality and peace on the guest’s plate.


What does Cashpad actually do?


After two years of research and development, in 2012 Cashpad launched its first check-out and from then on, it developed genuine expertise in the hospitality branch. This system is unique in itself. Cashpad autonomously designs, develops and produces its check-out system, “Made in France” is in the DNA of Cashpad.


Gastronomy and France

Of course, this goes hand in hand. Enjoying beautiful French dishes at the local bistro, in a nice cosy village. Endless dining under a bright sky near the Eiffel Tower. Relishing the most beautiful wines, at the best locations. That sound alright, doesn’t it? The dishes are in perfect condition, the wines are at the right temperature, the service is excellent, but what about the technology supporting all this? Is it OK, are we working efficiently, do we apply cost-awareness and how can we improve communication with each other even better? Issues that appear worldwide in the gastronomic kitchen.

In order to even further optimise the guest experience, Annoncer supplies peace, overview and structure in the gastronomic kitchen. Away with the paper receipts, welcome to Annoncer, the most advanced kitchen management system in the market.


Arthur Leliveld, Co-founder Annoncer saw the added value of this collaboration immediately.

“Very proudly and full of confidence, we enter into this new relation with Cashpad. Although we are already quite successful in France, using our KDS in the restaurants of Yannick Alleno and Mauro Colagreco, we wish to keep growing worldwide. That is only possible through local partnerships such as this one. With the collaboration between Jean-Luc Breleur and Nicolas Leonard of Cashpad we can now extend Annoncer-presence in gastronomic restaurants in France. Kitchen management software and gastronomy, a golden combination in a magnificent country“


Want to know more about Annoncer in France?

We will be glad to bring you into contact with Cashpad.