Mr. Winston POS.

This is Mr Winston!

Reliable, easy and cloud-based. That is exactly what Mr Winston stands for. Obviously, Mr Winston complies with anything you might expect from a modern hospitality sector system. Nevertheless, we like to keep it simple.


A basis check-out system or a modern contactless order and payment system? Mr Winston offers exactly what you want. Your guests will have a wonderful check-out-experience. Obviously, Mr Winston integrates with Annoncer and here we have a nice number of restaurants that we support in optimising their guest experience even further.


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“Insight is progress”

A back office that makes your work easier as opposed to harder. That is what the Mr Winston back office offers you. The configuration is simple. As a result, you can autonomously make changes in, for instance, the menu, without hassle. Furthermore, the back office always gives you insight in the financial performance of your restaurant, which is convenient and important to be able to realise proper management.


The integration with Annoncer is another milestone, successful, sleek and pleasant communication.

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