Infrasys POS.

Thousands of Happy Clients and Growing

With more than 2 decades of check-out experience and thousands of installation worldwide, Infrasys is a fine Annoncer-partner. Infrasys is hardware-independent and provides excellent support. The cloud-based solution of Infrasys can even be used offline. In other words, it is one of the most versatile and efficient POS applications in the International market.


“The features you need, when you need them.”

With a broad experience of 7,000 installations, Infrasys offers a solution for virtually any scenario. This does not imply that they are idle, listening to their clients is in their DNA and that is why they introduce innovation after innovation on the market. A progressive organisation that likes to remain active in bringing the best in their staff forward, which is beneficial to the product.

POS Partner
Global presence
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