The Librije.

Restaurant De Librije means full relishing, with exceptional dishes, accompanying wines in an atmospheric and modern ambiance. The interior is spacious and organic. The basis of the kitchen consists of pure ingredients from suppliers in the vicinity. Jonnie and his kitchen brigade ensure perfection in the kitchen. Thérèse and her team guarantee an exceptional combination of wine and food. Flavour, taste and experience. It is the unpreceded wealth that we share with our guests. The flavour of De Librije. Saucy and creative. Awarded, admired and desired. Guests expect a lot. But they receive more. Immersed in a world where every sensation is stimulated and every detail counts. Where everything is pure: authentic and genuine. Pure and from a reliable source. That is the world of De Librije. Nowhere else than at De Librije you can find the De Librije flavour. A foretaste for guests to experience. To taste, feel, see and smell. To discover and enjoy. It is a world where recipes feel like secrets, ingredients like wonders, gastronomy like the perfect perfection. De Librije, an umbrella term for everything we wish to share with our guests – at every location. Experiences, products concepts and accommodations; the best of the best. A reputation that we defend with pride, because it is the only name that fully reveals our promise. The golden thread that connects successes from the past with a promising future.



About Jonnie & Therese Boer

Jonnie Boer was 24 years old when he became a chef at Restaurant De Librije. And a few years later, he bought the restaurant, together with his wife Thérèse, a respected wine expert and hostess. Shortly after the takeover of the restaurant, in 1993 the first Michelin star was granted. In 1999 they received the second star and he became the youngest two-start chef in the Netherlands. In 2004, De Librije was the second restaurant in the Netherlands to receive a third star. Since then, De Librije has had three *** Michelin stars and is among the top of the Netherlands. By the end of 2017, Jonnie and Thérèse Brass Boer opened an establishment in Bonaire. Early 2019 they opened a second branch in their own hometown, Zwolle. That led to the name: Brass Boer Thuis.



This is the reason that The Librije choose Annoncer

During the extensive renovation, we knew that we wanted to have Annoncer installed. Overview and structure is of crucial importance. The main thing is that we get overview using Annoncer. In addition, it improves the mutual communication, so we can work much more efficiently. It is the best logistic investment I ever made.


De Librije
De Librije
Restaurant The Librije
Zwolle, The Netherlands
Chef Jonnie Boer
Jonnie en Thérèse Boer

3 questions to Jonnie Boer about Annoncer.

What is your favorite functionality regarding Annoncer and why?

Our favourite feature of Annoncer is the overview the programme provides. It shows everything in one clear overview; the allergies that apply, whether wine and cutlery are on the table and whether there are any guests on the toilet. Thanks to this great overview, we know exactly when to serve a dish. This means a better overview, better communication and structure.


What has Annoncer done for you?

At the time, we were the first restaurant in the Netherlands to work together with Annoncer. It ensured more relaxation in our restaurant and that everything became very clear and insightful.


What would you like to tell someone who is thinking about purchasing Annoncer for his/her restaurant?

Just start using it! It is a super convenient system and we recommend it to everyone.

About the collaboration.

We will be happy to inform you about what Annoncer could do for you.