Two souls thinking alike are the basis for Alma’s idea. They are chef Wouter van Laarhoven and his partner Malou Hagenaars. Since November 2019, they have been building on their ultimate dream on an upper floor of historic building The Swaen at De Lind in Oisterwijk: an own restaurant where everything is right.

In their fine dining restaurant, awarded with 1 Michelin star since 2022, everything is about quality and hospitality. At the bottom of the building, the hospitality sector pair runs a second eatery in an accessible bistro style.


This is the reason why Alma chose Annoncer;

In the past we worked with Annoncer at restaurant Wynwood. This was a veritable restaurant. Some 40 tables, being able to accommodate 160 guests. Due to the distance between the restaurant and kitchen, we immediately chose Annoncer. Annoncer makes the overview easier and ensures stable timing. When we started our own business, with restaurant Alma, we had great ambitions in the culinary field. We wanted to immediately rule out establishments that guests cannot benefit from. Annoncer makes this perfectly possible. You monitor the flow of each afternoon or evening in one overview and at the same time you share that knowledge with everyone who is allowed access to the screen. This way, no longer the maître and chef are the only ones responsible for the flow of a day, but the entire team.

Photos by Pieter d’Hoop.


Restaurant Alma
Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
Chef Wouter van Laarhoven
Wouter & Malou

3 questions to Wouter and Malou about Annoncer..

What is your favorite functionality regarding Annoncer and why?

The demonstrable displaying of the times between the dishes. Every service goes differently, for everyone. Time is a relative concept, we all experience it in our own way. Annoncer indeed provides more insight, allowing you to more concretely sense how the evening should be managed. This also ensures that the end time of the kitchen can be stabilised at an earlier point.


What has Annoncer meant for you?

Annoncer ensures more peace and space in the kitchen and the restaurant. You can inform each other noiselessly of changes within the service. Such as exceptions, dietary wishes at seat level and the timing between the courses. By working with Annoncer, we have more time for things that really matter, such as focussing on the guests’ wishes.


What would you like to tell people who consider purchasing Annoncer for their restaurant?

From a classic French kitchen with 100 receipts in a row coming up, I knew that the technology would be ahead of us. The manual announcing and tracking didn’t seem the only way to maintain structure in your kitchen. It was an exhilarating step to take, but with an eye on the future.


After having worked with Annoncer for 2 days, I was not the only one to notice peace, but so did everyone else we work with.

About the collaboration.

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